Against America. Pachuka 2-0; To return to the lead, the CAZ can pass

Azteca Stadium, Mexico City /

The United States of Santiago Solari There was significant improvement in the game against Pachukka They won 2-0; The Eagles won and loved many moments of the game Aztec Ground There they go with the right step Guard 1 2021, Takes this streak again To the leadership they took over earlier this week due to improper alignment against Atlas.

The Eagles flew into their nest and a smile was drawn on Solari’s face as the game ended Good results He was criticized for the team’s performance and there were some annoyances due to substitution at the start of this game Santiago Naveda.

He gave the football reason to two players, Indesito, to replace Naveta, Point Aquino and Richard Sanchez They were the ones who played the worst and worst and scored some Toussaint USA winning goals with no results.

At first, the puppy looked in front of Sanchez Oscar Ustari It helped him Shoot from midfield And place the ball in Hidalgo’s net.

Then, by the end of the first half, the same Quran had served Aquino He makes his debut as a scorer with the Eagles.

United States He slowed down his revolutions Beyond that, the cow was never able to access the curve Memo Ochoa, Who can go to the stands to watch the game Tuzos are not a danger in Azteca.

At the end of the meeting, the United States was with 10 men since being expelled Richard Sanchez who made a foolish mistake When he was already on the grass stepping on an enemy.

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Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly nThe They annihilate the competitor with high goals, Because tonight they were able to do more in the face of rival weakness and wanted to reduce revolutions.

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