Haitians arrested for trying to enter Brazil illegally

Guyana’s Antinorcotics and Customs Division (CANU, English) announced this Saturday that it was detaining 27 Haitian immigrants and one Cuban who had illegally immigrated to Brazil from the South American city of Letem.

The arrest of these illegal immigrants was carried out this Saturday morning by agents of the Brazilian Federal Police through a memorandum of understanding they had recently signed between the two security forces.

According to CANU, a group of taxi drivers waiting to pick up undocumented immigrants were also arrested by Brazilian authorities, which can be described as “an example of cross-border cooperation”.

“It is suspected that these undocumented immigrants are interested in using other means to enter the country. We received that information and sent it to our Brazilian colleagues, who alerted their security forces in the area,” Khanu said.

Khan explained that unidentified Haitians had arrived in Lotham last week and were initially denied entry to Brazil.

On February 18, the Brazilian government authorized the use of armed forces on the border between Brazil and Peru, where the number of foreign immigrants increased, largely preventing Haitians from entering the neighboring country.

The move will help curb the influx of migrants to the small border town of Aziz, where at least 500 foreigners are stranded, mostly Haitians, from various parts of Brazil.

Located in the state of Acre and with a population of about 8,000, Aziz municipality is on the brink of collapse because it does not have the necessary equipment to move immigrants or control crowds and prevent the spread of Govt-19. The new Brazilian variant of the virus, which is highly contagious, has spread to various parts of the country.

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According to a directive from Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security, national forces will support local authorities “in an episodic and systematic way, in exceptional and temporary measures to prevent foreigners from entering the country.”

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