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In May 2020, Antonio Valencia held nothing when he expressed his opinion about Francisco Igas.

In May 2020, when the president of the Ecuadorian Football Association, Francisco Ecos, expressed his opinion about Antonio Valencia, he said nothing: “He is a very bad man,” the then Quito League flyer said about the manager. . The former Manchester United captain did not like Egas’ position on the triangular actions of the triangle during the 2019 Copa America, when the selected 6 met on the 17th floor of a torture hotel in Brazil, resulting in no choice but to leave the second round. In a video released after the match, you can see how beer and lunch boxes entered Valencia’s room on the 17th floor.

Due to the harsh nature of Dono’s comments, it was believed that the stage was over for the national team against the capital’s president nine months ago. But Gabriel Weiner, FEF’s technical secretary, believes this is not the case.

“Ecuador and all the rest of the Ecuadorian players in the world (in action) are in the national team’s orbit without any difficulty. Then (calling them) is the end of a game. I’m not going to find the qualities of Antonio (Valencia) or any other footballer,” Weiner said in a radio interview. . Huankavilka When Tri coach Gustavo Albaro was asked if there was any restriction on seeing certain elements.

In 2019, Ecos insisted in different media that no one involved in the case on the 17th floor would be called back to the national team after the Continental matches (Robert Arboleda, part of Albero’s process, which appeared in a video taken in Brazil). “Part of the conversation with the coach (who will replace Hernan Gomez) tells him: ‘We’m going to use these players, not these guys.’ But not only because of the immorality, we hope they can no longer contribute to us in football.” But then he clarified: “It is not necessary to decide whether the new coach is going to love those on the 17th floor or not. The player on the national team will do so for his performance and will have to abide by strict rules.”

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Weiner stressed about Valencia in a speech with Ricardo Armentaris and Kleber Fazardo: “All players who are followed by coaching staff are proven players who have the opportunity to adapt to their current situation. I emphasize his ability because it is not a question of saying ‘the player is in a good position, he should be’. Is he better than those on the national team? I am surprised. You should always watch the internal competition. Who played in the last matches? What is the message of the last players? You have to see who is competing in that position and what is the current status of that competition ”.

But what else did Valencia say about Ajax on May 10, 2020? “This man (Egas) cannot be the leader of the federation, he has no connection with the soldiers; he thinks he rules a farm.” The Amazonian 17th floor theme is an invention, pointing out that this is an excuse to justify leaving. Roll Carlos Villas hired Gomez-Colombian to coach the triangle, with the manager remaining five months as head of equf football, before Ecos was elected after him. “What is done on the ground is being paid on the ground. I am not going to call you sir; this man (Francisco Egos), what he did to us after Copa America, is terrible to want to damage the image of the soldiers who did a lot for the country. He did it because he wanted to oust the teacher. Roll Not sure how to get rid of it. He did not like it Pollylo”Confirmed the disappointed Valencia.

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Today a year ago Albaro was assured that he would not be in any mood if he was called back to the trio, almost a year ago Valencia was anticipating about this event – before Argentina DD was hired-: “Welcome if they invite me to the national team. I always go responsibly when I have to defend my country. But this guy (Egas) deserves no respect ”.

Valencia, currently playing for Guerrero, have 99 games with the national team. His last match was against Japan (1-1) in Copa America on June 24, 2019; In that match, Liga de Quito’s star signature of the day appeared out of physical form and out of match rhythm (the previous six months at United only 17 minutes were taken into account). (D)

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