Admiral Vergil Synag, on the cause of the wreck of the Arvin ship in the Black Sea: “Guide” Video

Two weeks ago, a ship named Irwin sank in the Black Sea under the Palau flag.

Four sailors were killed in the accident.

Pictures of the moment the ship was wrecked by the ocean waves were released, which were filmed by a camera on board.

The ship, carrying 11 Ukrainians and two Russians, was en route from Georgia to Bulgaria when it sank off the coast of Inkumu on January 17. A very strong wind blew in the region that day.

Former Admiral Rector Admiral Vergil Sinak of the Mircia Cell Petron Naval Academy in Constania commented briefly on the pictures: “The Guide. Do not sit empty or semi-stationary on the ridge or wave of the ship! ”

Freight Arvin (3509 dwt) 113.92 meters long, 13 meters wide and maximum draft 3.86 meters. It was built in 1975.

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