Romania’s strongest ambassador Ili Nastes: “I’m going to see Joe Biden at the White House. He wanted to meet me! “Unforgettable letter from the President of the United States | EXCLUSIVE

Eli Nastase is not only friends with Donald Trump, but also with Joe Biden, who replaced Trump in the White House.

About Rat Nestase (74 years old) He can be said to be Romania’s unofficial ambassador to the United States! The first ATP leader has a special relationship with Joe Biden, who became the 46th president of the United States after his defeat. Donald Trump (74), also a fan of the former Romanian tennis player.

The friendship between Ili Nastes and Joe Biden began in 2014 when the U.S. official wanted to meet Worst ”. At the same time, Biden asked Nastes for a gift and then thanked him in a memorable letter.

Eli Nastes plans to visit the White House after receiving a memorable letter from Joe Biden

Eli Nastes revealed Prosport As the new US president shows his admiration for the outstanding Romanian champion, he wants to see Joe Biden after he goes to the White House: He sent me a beautiful letter! Talk about the friendship between Romania and the United States! Now I want to write him a letter and see him at the White House. If he wants to meet me, I want to go to the White House. “

Prosport Joe Biden presents the memorable letter Eli sent to Nastes, but also told its history to the former tennis player. After Elijah gifted him a rocket, Joe wrote to Romanian with thanks: Dear Ailey, I heartily thank you for the lucky Grand Slam scam. Your dedication, love and contribution to the development of tennis is appreciated around the world.

The gift is a true symbol of the work, diligence and determination you have in your life. I see the same qualities in your comrades, and America is proud of a friendship like Romania. Again, thank you for meeting me, but for the gift. “, Sent Joe Biden, who was elected President of the United States in 2020, to Ily Nastes.

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How the meeting between Ili Nastes and Joe Biden went: The Secret Service agents did not allow me inside at first. “

Eli Nastes recalled Prosport How was the 2014 meeting with Joe Biden, a funny phone from the Americans, but the story of the Rocket as a gift: He came here a few years ago and I was running for that senator. Mr. Ponta called me, he was then the Prime Minister. That Joe Biden wants to see me and greet me. I didn’t know him, but he knew me.

I was dressed in military uniform, I unveiled the statue of Francovanu. I dressed in the army and the Secret Service agents would not let me in at first. I was sitting there and they immediately called me. They finished the meeting and they all went out. The person came to me and said: ‘Elijah, I can’t believe it, are you a general? If I grow my hair long, will you make me a general in the Romanian army? ”, Glad to have met Joe Biden, recalled Eli Nastes.

Unexpected phone call from Joe Biden by Ili Nostas: Elijah, I forgot to tell you! I want a rocket too! ”

The US Open and Roland Gross champion left the government and was behind the wheel when Joe Biden was contacted again! The American officer did not want to fly from Romania to the United States, without an amulet from Eli Nestase: Then I got out of the car and I had an old Citroen. 10 minutes later, the ambassador called me: ‘Mr. Nastes, Mr. Biden wants to talk to you on the phone ‘:

‘Elijah, I forgot to tell you, I play tennis. I want you to give me a rocket as a gift ‘. I went home, I picked up the rocket, I took it to the embassy. And he said, ‘But what rocket is this, and what did you get out of it?’ Of course, I wouldn’t be stupid to call it Wimbledon or Roland Corros. I said, ‘US Open, of course!’, Delicious story of the meeting between Ili Nastes and Joe Biden.

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