How different the next iPhone 13 will be from its predecessors and what improvements it will bring

Expect the iPhone 12S / i IPhone 13 Have the same design as the current 12 series, except it will be slightly thicker. LetsGoDigital and Concept Creator have teamed up to create speculative 3D renderings of what the next iPhone will look like.

The design is not a perfect copy of the current Pro because the peak is small. On the one hand, Apple is expected to add its first screen fingerprint reader to the 2021 models.

Who provides those sensors is an interesting question. Maybe it’s Qualcomm, which already sells 5G modems to Apple. I.e. ultrasound fingerprint reader. Anyway, the next iPhone will have Face ID because Apple is not going to give it up yet.

These offerings for the iPhone 13/12S Pro show a “bold” move from Apple, namely removing the charging port. Instead, the upload will be done through the MagSafe system. The difference is already very small, the Lightning port delivers 20W of power, while the MagSafe delivers 15W. Although it will be a bit thicker, newer phones are expected to have almost identical battery capacity.

The 12S Pro and 12S Pro Max will feature a high-end camera with a bright f / 1.8 lens and autofocus, according to researcher Ming-Ci Guo. In addition, major room updates are not expected soon. These are all rumors and speculations based on analysts’ predictions. The new iPhones are expected in September, in the fall of this year.

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