This is an attack on democracy everywhere and the concept of democracy / Trump enters the black history of the United States

PSD leader Marcel Ciolagu said on Wednesday evening that what was happening in the United States was “undermining” world democracy.

“It came to our attention. One thing amazes me: where do the consequences come from? This is a big suspicion of fraud and yet a very serious and hateful campaign. It is an effect on the population. That is, it does not undermine American democracy, it undermines world democracy, because it is happening in the United States. I repeat, we do not defend democracy in the United States, it is the oldest democracy, we defend democracy in all states at this time, it is an attack on democracy everywhere and an attack on the concept of democracy. ” In Siolaku said.

According to him, this will be a “manipulation” because “there are always impulses behind such struggles”.

“There are always provocations behind such struggles. It is obvious that this is a manipulation. There are no such publications without a manipulation or without an arrangement.

He hopes the US Congress meeting will continue to check the elections.

“I think there is a solution: the congressional meeting should continue, it should check the election and find solutions to continue the meeting, and then this insurgency will all go and close,” the PSD representative said.

The EFE reports that supporters of US President Donald Trump tore down several security fences inside the US Congress building on Wednesday and confronted police, drowning them and causing chaotic scenes in the US capital.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has declared a state of emergency amid widespread unrest, with thousands of protesters taking to the streets of the federal capital.

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