According to the PLD, Abinador Pandora Papers did not include offshore companies in the property declaration

Santo Domingo, R.D.

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) said in a press release from President Louis Abinader’s Pandora papers that two foreign companies were not on the affidavit of his assets.

Liticode Inc. and Patreso SA were not included in the President’s patriarchal declaration. Even in the event that a company’s property is naturally or legally shared with other persons, it must be included in the affidavit of assets, as they are part of the President’s assets, to ensure the appropriate proportion of that right. .

The truth is, both companies were formed before he took office and were used to manage assets in the Dominican Republic. In addition, according to reports, the shares of these companies were initially issued in favor of the “holders”, which the opposition said was a tool used to cover up the companies’ beneficial owners.

They called for an investigation by the relevant finance and tax authorities, as stated in the statement of the President of the Republic, if President Louis Abinader’s commitment to transparency is consistent.
Fulfilling or not fulfilling its financial obligations

“To prove to the Dominican community that this tax plan was not made with foreign companies, trusts or other instruments, with the intention of avoiding it.
Tax liabilities in the Dominican Republic, ”said the Purple Party.

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