Faced with the decline of WhatsApp, FB and IG, what are people using?

Then Fall on Facebook Services and Your Privacy Apps (Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger) In different parts of the world, tens of thousands of comments have been received from Internet users about other applications available, such as “how they live” and “the applications they use to change them instantly”.

When asked by users of the social networking site Twitter by Liston Diario about what they do when these crashes occur, Anodis Rodriguez Ravello said, “It’s time for them (the people) to learn to live without them, they’re so used to it.”

According to Rodriguez, there are many who rely on these applications.

User Keiron Díaz responded that others work through these networks, not learning to live without them. “You can not imagine the size of the businesses moving through these networks.”

“How long does it take for them to restore service on applications. It motivates me!” Said Giselle Villado.

In the specific case of WhatsApp’s popular instant messaging app, when users send messages, the “Connect” and clock icon will appear, but the content will not be sent to the recipient.

It is not uncommon for the world’s most used app (WhatsApp) to drop its services. But when this happens, social networks are overflowing with critical ideas, some of which present alternatives.

“I’m going to take my cell phone to the technician to see what happens,” @neworhack commented on Twitter.

Other consumers took it easy and created humorous and glossy banners of news services that posted comments comparing them to live networks such as Twitter and Telegram.

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“You should stop using WhatsApp. I am with my active telegram,” said Christopher Rosa.

The Telegram is displayed with activities beyond what can be found on WhatsApp, Many users have commented positively on the news service.

Comments found on social networks say that it has “advanced functionality” compared to its competitor, but while it is true that Telegram has been shown as a significant alternative with over 500 million downloads, WhatsApp has surpassed it by over 5000 million.

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