A famous rapper said he was going to buy his own planet

The announcement was made by Canadian artist Grimes

International Drafting.- It has been reported that American rapper Lil Uzi Wert is going to buy a planet and is asking his disciples to help him baptize it.

Canadian singer Claire Pachercher, better known as Grimes’ stage name, spread the word on social media at the time: Elon Musk, the man’s partner in space issues.

The announcement was made by Canadian artist Grimes, who is also an associate of Elon Musk.

Last Thursday, this artist wrote on his account Usi Verd owns the Wasp-127b on Twitter, and in this way he was the first man to “legitimize” such a celestial body.

“I’m trying to surprise everyone,” Robber responded to Grimes’ message, and asked his supporters to help name his new acquisition.

Wasp-127b is 1.4 times larger than Jupiter, about 332 light-years from Earth, orbiting a yellow dwarf star like the Sun, according to another tweet from the site. Latest in space.

Of course, no one knows with whom the American rapper will negotiate for this strange space real estate move, and the controversy reached the special media, where experts argued that it was impossible to buy.

Those who do not believe in the possibility of purchase say it will go against the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits all nations and their citizens from claiming ownership of extraterrestrial territory. In the middle Business Insider.

Lil Uji Wert did not say much about the purchase of the Exoplanet Wasp-127b

For its part, NASA also decided to be a part of the consequences of this matter, and wrote a tweet below the rapper’s announcement, in which, he consulted with her.

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“Although we do not name the planets (it is similar Astro Union), Or we do not sell them (this, um … no one), of the 4438 worlds discovered beyond our solar system, what excitement do you have about Wasp-127b? Asked the space agency.

It seems that this purchase of a planet is not the first strange act this musician makes. In February of this year, he uploaded a video on social media in which he fitted a $ 24 million pink diamond between his eyebrows as a third eye.

Wasp-127b is a gaseous exoplanet that is 1.4 times larger than Jupiter (the largest planet in our solar system) and 332 light-years from Earth.

Lil Usi Wert’s relationship with Grimes, meanwhile, has been going on for some time. Even so, according to RT Medium, they have recorded some musical successes together.

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