At just 12 years old, the girl became a millionaire with her NFT collection

Nyla Hayes, a young artist just 12 years old, became a millionaire in a matter of months by selling her works in the form of fungus tokens (NFTs) in the online marketplace for NFT OpenSea.

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As Nyla describes on her website, she has been drawing since she was four. Then, at the age of nine, he began to create so-called long necklaces, drawing portraits of women from different backgrounds with long, short necks.

One of the little girl’s main inspirations was dinosaurs, creatures that fascinated her for as long as she could remember.

“My favorite dinosaur was the Prontosaurus, I was actually a dinosaur at the time,” Hayes told the Business Insider. “So I wanted to add it to my long neck.”

Nyla believes that the long and thick neck of the prontosaurus represents something powerful and powerful, and that is the image she has of women.

“This is what I want to show in my works how beautiful, strong and powerful women can be. All women are beautiful, regardless of their culture or appearance, ”said the young artist.

Expansion for success
The story of his success in the digital world began when his uncle told him about NFTs and suggested that he read them as there are many barriers to entry into major art sites.

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Nyla started drawing on a smartphone and then switched to the iPad to access the larger canvas. He saved the images as JPEG files and uploaded them to OpenSea.

His first collection, called Long Necky, went on sale on March 10 and includes 75 pieces.

On July 27, she released her second and most comprehensive collection, Long Necky Ladies, in which 3,333 portraits of women were created somewhat digitally by developers such as The Andy Roots Group and the Cosmic Pows Group.

The boy’s mother says the series “sold out in a matter of hours.”

So far, Nyla’s artwork has grossed 1,394 ethers, or about $ 5.8 million. Of these, the primary sale is owned by Nyla for approximately 1.6 million, prior to costs such as payment to developers.

The work of this talented young woman has been recognized by Time magazine, which has selected her as the first artist for her own NFT site called Time Pieces.

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