Women’s Semi-Final: Tigress vs USA (3-0)

Historic and invincible! That’s right Female tigers, After this Monday night Volcano They will stamp your pass Final match of Liga MX Femenil, His series for title number seven, they are all in series.

Amazon With was 2-1 down the total scoreboard in the first leg United States, But it was a matter of the second half of the Vuelta match, so everything changed, and so on 4-0 tonight Semi-final And 5-2 worldwide, Have been placed in one more final for the three-time championship.

During the first half, it was clear that goals would come sooner or later as the Cats were in control of the game and insisted on scoring. One hand did not score a penalty in his favor and there were even controversial plays like a foul. Bethlehem Cruise 42 of ‘It is not punished from 11 steps.

At half-time the fans were upset and shouted “sold out” to the referee, who did not want to hit another hand at 59 ‘area, but with all of this, Tigress was able to advance on the female.

From the age of 57, on a free kick Liliana Mercado He took a powerful shot in the corner and equalized the total, which opened the game.

Al 62 ‘, Maria Sanchez He fell due to the absence of Karen Luna, who eventually scored a penalty in favor, which was at 64 ‘ Stephanie Meyer He was on low charge, goalkeeper Renata Masciarelli who did not move to the left, waiting for the shot through the center, thus they already had the final title.

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But they went further and in the 70’s, Maria Sanchez He entered from the left and surprised the Azul Grema defense who was waiting for the center, but suddenly the cat singer fired a powerful shot from the left, hitting the post near Volda and 4. -2 in total.

Finally, Maria Sanchez It was double the night, 88 ‘He sealed the coffin of the Azulgrimas, 4-0 in the Vulta and 5-2 overall, already making it impossible for the Eagles to return home; While the cats are waiting for Rayadas or Atlas.

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