According to scientists, the movie ‘Tomorrow is the Next Day’ may come true

If the affected ocean current suddenly interferes, both sides of the Atlantic will freeze.

A scientist has published an article in which he assures that a marine system began to weaken as a result Climate change. about this Atlantic South Reverse Rotation (AMOC) It helps control temperature and climate in Europe and North America. According to the expert, the effects are catastrophic and similar to the scene presented in the film day after tomorrow.

AMOC creates the Gulf Stream, which moves warm water from the Indian Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, then into the European landscape, where it cools around Greenland and sinks to the bottom of the ocean before sneaking off the east coast. From South America.

This system, Like a conveyor belt, It is absolutely essential to live in that part of the world. Now a scientist Nicklaus Boers Published an article in the press Natural Where Ensures that AMOC may shut down abruptly. If that happens, both sides of the North Atlantic could sink to freezing temperatures.

In his article, the expert wrote: “Recent observations of AMOC variability indicate a gradual weakening over the past decades, but estimates of the critical change point are uncertain.” He then added: Significant early warning signs are found in eight independent AMOC codes, based on monitoring data on sea surface temperature and salinity of the entire Atlantic Ocean floor. These results reveal empirical evidence that during the last century, AMOC may have evolved from relatively stable conditions to a point close to a significant transition.”.

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As the Boers explain, icy Greenland It melts continuously as the temperature rises More fresh water is poured into the switch point in the AMOC system. This prevents hot salt water from sinking and causing a disturbance in the system. Interestingly, the last time AMOC was turned off was when a freshwater lake exploded and spilled into the sea. This is believed to have caused the most recent ice age on Earth, which occurred about 11,700 years ago.

This scene is similar to the one in the movie day after tomorrow One politician is trying to warn politicians that climate change will affect the AMOC system and that everyone could die if they do not move south of the planet.

Of course, no one in the film asked the experts, in fact, North America and Europe sank into frozen barren land. In his article, Nicholas Boers promises that this will happen if AMOC achieves its critical transformation, however we can be for decades.

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