Kim Jong Un went to Russia by train to meet Vladimir Putin

Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un left the country on Monday to take a train to Russia, where he hopes to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in an effort to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries, sources said. From the South Korean government.

“Intelligence believes the train has already departed and is heading to Vladivostok,” they said in reports to Yonhap news agency. However, North Korean officials have not yet commented on Kim’s possible trip.

Earlier, the American newspaper ‘The New York Times’ had reported that Kim planned to make a journey lasting about 20 hours in a special armored train. Kim and Putin are set to hold talks on buying weapons from North Korea in response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

The visit will mark Kim’s first visit to the country in nearly four-and-a-half years and his first out of the country since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Pyongyang has sought to boost its ties with Russia as South Korea, the United States and Japan increase their defense and security cooperation.


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