Abinader: “La Duarte with Paris is not going to be a reference point for chaos and disorder”

“Durte with Paris is no longer going to be a reference point for chaos and disorder,” Republican President Louis Abinader said while launching reconstruction work on this business space in the capital.

Abinader said the project, which began under the administration of David Collado in the National District Mayor’s Office and was pursued by the Carolina Majia, was a “win-win” for businesses and the public.

At the same time, he announced that the so-called “petlers” would get their work area renewed and many additional benefits.

“Everyone here is going to win. These small entrepreneurs, as we call them bicycles, are going to lend their own business. We are going to raise Senasa Insurance to a better level, to a premium level, and Promipime Bank will join them to help and finance it,” Abinader said. .

On the other hand, he said that in the next few days they will issue a notice by mutual agreement between all the departments “generally in favor of the nation”.

“As a government we are pursuing works that will truly make a difference in the quality of life of the Dominicans. Since the Touredte chaos and disorder with Paris is not going to be particular, it’s going to be an example of how order, coexistence, this alliance works and works for all, that is, always support for the government, He said.

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