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(Video) According to the triangular coach, Tide is Kanarinha’s “alma mater”.

One of the best films of the Ecuador match against Brazil (1-1) was played by coaches Gustavo Albaro and Tide shortly after the referee’s decision. Host TV gave an account and reason for the moment when the tricolor coach approached his Brazilian counterpart and dedicated a few words of praise and admiration.

As the teams headed towards the changing rooms, Albero walked up to Tide to greet him. Although the two gestured to close their mouths to prevent their lips from being read by the cameras, the broadcast microphones were able to clearly capture the report of the Ecuadorian team’s leadership team.

“This is yours because you will be the world champion,” de la Tri told him. Then he insisted: “Remember what I tell you. Fight against it. You are honoring this. Please, I ask you, please ”.

The conversation was later spread on Copa America’s official social networks:

According to several Argentine websites, Albaro’s words refer to the situation the Brazilian coach is experiencing, facing the leadership of the Brazilian Football Federation (CFF). Earlier this month, Tide declined to comment on the surprising perception of Copa America 2021 in his country, which has been hit hard by the epidemic amid reports that Brazilian players operating in Europe should not be allowed to play in the tournament.

Tide promised to “faithfully” inform CBF leader Rogerio Caboclo that his comments on Brazil’s appointment as host of the tournament would be canceled two weeks before the start, with Argentina and Colombia as venues.

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“It was a very clear, direct conversation. Since then, the position of the players has been clear,” coach Tide said at the time.

Deserves recognition

Already at a post-match press conference, Gustavo Albaro uttered words of appreciation for his Brazilian opponent, calling him a “driver” of talent.Alma Matter”Of Kanarinha.

He finished it, as Tide coach, Brazil should be the “world champion” in 2022.

“I want these types of coaches to receive their prize. They are people who honor the profession, and I want men like that to perform better,” Albero said. (D)

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