Abinader explains the suspension of visas for Haitian students: “I want to protect the country and see to it that no one enters from the mobs.”

Santo Domingo, RD.

President Louis Abinader said the special visa program for Haitian students in the country was suspended indefinitely because of the need to clean up all people entering Dominican territory.

“If they do not check and there is no control over them, we do, we have to check everyone who enters … What is being said, there will be no automatic renewal, we have to check it (knock on the President’s desk) because I have to protect this country from gangs associated with other camouflage departments Make sure no one enters here, ”the president shouted at a news conference at the National Palace on Monday.

The head of state stressed that students who have already benefited will not change their status and only the automatic renewal of those students will be suspended.

In the next few days, the president announced that he would speak “in detail” about the socio-political crisis affecting the neighboring country, but did not specify an exact date for the meeting.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry has “communicated through the diplomatic channels that he wants to maintain better relations with the Dominican Republic,” the Dominican president said. “He wants to get in touch with me. We will get in touch at the right time. And we will get in touch with the Prime Minister at the right time,” the president said in a very conciliatory tone.

“He approached through diplomatic channels that he did not agree to any irresponsible communication,” he said.

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