A tourist refused an audience with Pope Francis and broke two busts on display at the Vatican: “He’s a messed up person”

The attacker, an Egyptian national, was arrested after being flagged down by a local guide.

An Egyptian tourist is outraged at the Vatican Museums He broke two idols Romans. He couldn’t break through because the local guide stopped him. After trying to escape, he was detained by the police and remains in custody at this hour.

The incident happened last Wednesday at noon – Italian time – when the man arrived from the United States He requested an audience with the Pope. After being denied, he flew into a rage and began destroying everything around him.

“It’s a gesture An upset person“, confirmed Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni.

According to Giuliano, the guide who stopped him, “Man He got angry After they denied him Pope Francis.

It is not clear how the Egyptian removed the busts, as they were theoretically anchored. The fact is that two of them, more than 2000 years old, ended up on the ground: one with damage to the nose and the other to the base.

A Roman bust pulled by an Egyptian tourist. Photo by Vatican Museums

Two Roman sculptures, of unknown character, were on a shelf. Also, according to the restorers of the site, “there is no relevant damage to them” and “they have already been sent to the laboratory for restoration.”

As the newspaper has published ABC From Spain, these sculptures belong to the collection exhibited at the Chiaramondi Museum and are located in the gallery that connects the Belvedere Palace to the rest of the Vatican Palaces.

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This collection brings together Roman portraits and bears the family name of Pope Pius VII.

According to Italian media reports, after Giuliano stopped the Egyptian from breaking the items, Vatican gendarmes finally moved in to stop him.

He was then handed over to the Italian authorities who were waiting for this hour to take his confession.


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