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Liverpool are back in the UEFA Champions League, bit by bit recapturing their prime. Although the Premier League hasn’t been on the right track at the start of the season, they have managed to enjoy two consecutive wins in European competition and finished second in Group A, sharing it with Napoli, Ajax and Rangers.

As if that wasn’t enough, two players identified from their torrid moment in the Premier League proved themselves, with Trent Alexander-Arnold opening the account with a sublime free kick, while Mohamed Salah scored the second. Alfredo Morelos’ penalty spot against Rangers.

Although he hasn’t lived up to his prime on loan in England, Luis Fernando Diaz Marulanda has always impressed Liverpool’s attack and once again put in a great performance. Farmer is already in his second season with ‘Reds’ and the adaptation is not expensive even if he doesn’t know English. However, Darwin Nunes is a similar face that hasn’t passed.

A brand new deal that cost Liverpool 100 million euros did not measure up as expected. His adaptation is complicated, mainly because of the language, similar to what Luis Díaz experienced, but over time, and without fully mastering English, he speaks a better language: football on the pitch. Darvin Nunes was the starter against Rangers and did not miss a great presentation at Anfield.

After the win, Darwin Nunes spoke with ESPN about his adaptation, and he was very candid in his confession. “The truth is, I honestly don’t understand anything he (Jürgen Klopp) talks about. I ask my classmates what it means. I think he’s very clear in his game. Keep things simple, don’t be afraid to play, be confident, have a ball. “We press when we lose. That’s what he always asks,” commented the Uruguayan.

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Undoubtedly, that confession of not understanding what Jurgen Klopp was saying could be the main reason for his adaptation and his yet to explode on the court. Although Luis Diaz went as far as to say that the language made it difficult, it didn’t take him long to win over the entire Anfield, the fans, his teammates and the German tactician. Can Diaz live up to Darwin Nunez? Well, it doesn’t seem like it, Farmer speaks the language of football and has managed to impress in every participation.

Similarly, Luis Diaz tries to improve internal communication within the club by taking English classes like Ball. In addition, Darwin Nunes and Diaz have allies, as they have managed to establish contact with Thiago Alcantara and some Brazilians who know Spanish.

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