To further the search for space, they set up a hackathon at the Tec de Monterrey on the Hermosillo . campus

Hermosillo, Sonora. – Tomato Valley and Space Apps Hermosillo organized the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) “International Space Applications Challenge” camp at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Sonora Norte, to promote talent and research in space.

At this event, prototypes of specialized equipment and initiatives for working in space from October 30 to 2 were developed, and mainly high school students participated, who had the opportunity to develop teamwork.


For the 2022 edition, there were 120 young people from different institutions such as Tec de Monterrey, the University of Sonora (Unison) and the Technological University of Mexico (Unitec), who designed new initiatives.

The projects were not limited to the development of technical, tactical or engineering equipment only, some of the participants sought to promote the study of stars and space with educational innovations.

This has become an opportunity for those who have a taste for the space theme.


Sabrina Delgado Arias, a special event guest by NASA, shared the Proyecto Puente she oversaw and supported with any questions since she was part of the judging panel.

“There was a lot, but there was a comic book that was set up to also be able to teach the space, so that it could be used digitally and it could be printed, the kids could draw, they could watch the videos; he explained that they had different activities to learn.

The expert indicated that a total of 15 projects were developed in the two days of the camp, each with its own characteristics.

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“They all had something to do with art or how science united it, and the others had to do more by teaching about the stars, the different planets, and the Venus rover with power generation technology; and of the 120 students all did well,” he said.

Delgado Arias believes that the students’ response has been great, because they have the opportunity to interact freely, and they were also helped in the whole class with tools to develop their ideas, such as whiteboards, desks, etc.

“It seemed to me that they came with a lot of energy, and I felt like there were a lot of girls, and it was kind of balanced, in terms of the number of girls and boys, and Tec de Monterrey and Tomato Valley had specialists in case they felt they weren’t in the right group, because they had That space for them to move,” he commented.

Sabrina stated that although they won only two projects in the end, the event was a good experience for the participants.

To consult the invitation rules for this latest release and follow up on the next release in 2023, you can visit the following link, where you will find all relevant information.

Similarly, Juan Isaac Jamez Bedouin, event organizer in Hermosillo, explains it all in the following video.

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