Abinadar exemplifies measures to restore tourism

President Louis Abinader held a meeting with the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) at the headquarters of the United Nations Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to coordinate policies focusing on the continued recovery of the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic.

At the meeting, the Dominican President thanked UNWTO for its support in reviving tourism in our country. He commended the UNWTO’s commitment, along with other countries, to formulating better policies and bringing the necessary confidence to revive tourism.

“Our real goal is to have hundreds of thousands of men and women in the Dominican Republic earning their lives honestly and decently from tourism every day,” the president said.

He reaffirmed that the Govt-19 epidemic had cut off revenue and that it was the government’s responsibility to rehabilitate the sector and its people.

Dominican Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez and Director of Pro Dominicana Piviana Rivero were also present with Abinader at a meeting with Pololicashvili, who later served him lunch.

At the end of the meeting, the Governor released a plaque with the Dominican armor for the President’s visit to the World Tourism Organization headquarters on April 18, 2021.

President Abinader is on an official visit to Spain and will be welcomed by King Felipe VI of Spain and Head of the Government of Spain Pedro Sanchez.

Yesterday the Dominican President met with former Spanish Presidents Felipe Gonzalez and Jose Maria Aznar, who were accompanied by Dominican Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain Juan Bolivar Diaz.

In addition, Abinader held a meeting with the Dominican community in Spain, whose representatives hosted a banquet in his honor, and he also met with a commission of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) on his agenda.

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After Adolfo Suarez arrived at the airport, President Abinader was received in Spain by the Spanish government and ambassadors Juan Bolivar; Alejandro Abellan in the Dominican Republic, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Anibal de Castro before Spain.

The official visit of the Dominican President to Spain marks, among other points on the agenda, the XXVIII Summit of Euro-American Leaders and Heads of Government, in which the Dominican Republic will accept the interim presidency this year.

Abinadar will arrive in Andorra at noon tomorrow, where he will be received by the officers of this principal. In the midst of the most important international meeting between countries in the region, the summit seeks to unify criteria for dealing with future epidemics and develop an agenda that will allow health systems to be strengthened.

The meeting will include face-to-face meetings with leaders and ministers of 22 Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.

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He will attend the 27th Euro-US Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday, before President Abinader arrives in Madrid, Espina, for a two – day visit before heading to Andorra, where he will assume the presidency of the Dominican Republic this year.

Official trip.
Dominican Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez and Protomicana Director Viviana Ribeiro, her defense chief Major General Celine Rubio and her aides Lourdes Herrera and Elin Feltron.

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