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Simon Robinson, 27, decided to stop in his car at a McDonald’s branch for a breakfast of bacon. However, the young man who lives in Gateshead, United kingdomI got a bad surprise.

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Due to his obsessive-compulsive disorder, he used to review all meals before eating them, so in this case he decided to open his hamburger and was surprised that in the middle of the bacon there was what appeared to be Pig nipple.

This food was what the young man used to have for breakfast in his car after leaving the house. However, after finding the nipple, he decides to go home and show his mother what he has found to hear her opinion.

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According to local media “Indy100”, his discovery in his meat roll led him to consider becoming a vegetarian and he is very frustrated because he does not want to return to one of that company’s branches.

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“Opening it and finding out it was disgusting. It totally frustrated me. So much so that I’m considering going vegan now.‘, advertised in the media of England. He also confirmed that, despite the circumstances, he decided to eat the rest of the food and put the nipple aside because he did not dare to eat it.

pig nipple

For its part, an Indy100 spokesperson said they had already contacted Robinson and that he would be receiving customer service assistance, although they confirmed he was wrong and that he was not a nipple. “We use bacon in all of our rolls and due to the location this cut was taken from, we are sure this customer was wrong in their claimThey explained.

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