President of Cuba at National Celebrations in Mexico

President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-ColonelHe will attend the 211th anniversary celebrations of Mexico Mexican independence.

Embassy officials Cuba They confirmed in Mexico Universal The dignitary will arrive at dawn on September 16 and his agenda or participation in memorial events has not been detailed.

However, according to various audios of articles received by L Universal, President Diaz-Colonel will attend a military event.

Foreign Ministry sources confirmed that the Cuban leader will attend the national celebrations as a guest of honor and will attend a meeting of the community of Latin American and Caribbean states on the 18th.Selak)

In one of the audio of the rehearsal, Diaz-Kennel is asked to pick up the floor and then the president. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Giving a message. However, texts are not used in events such as marches.

“The President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Mario Diaz-Colonel will speak … he concludes … the President of the United States of Mexico and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador … will conclude,” the rehearsal said.

In another audio of the rehearsal, the mistress of the ceremony is heard saying:

“With the President of the United Mexican States, the President of the Republic of Cuba and the Secretaries of National Defense [Sedena], From MarinaAnd heads of senators, delegates, the Supreme Court of the Nation and the Secretary of the Interior, go to the monumental flagpole to pay homage to our homeland LaPoro.

From the balcony President Lopez Obrador gives the cry. Photo: Juan Boyts. Universal.

Immediately, according to the ceremony, the national anthem will be sung, and finally, the master of ceremonies announced that Mexican Air Force planes will fly over the area and leave a path with national colors. Then a female voice points out:

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President and Supreme Commander of the United Mexican States Armed Forces He will review the forces marching in front of the Mexican people. Memorial Music Band Military Parade Explains Presidential Magazine. Later, military music was heard at the funeral of the Mexican president, who, according to the military ceremony, paid homage to the president.

In another audio, the ceremony’s two keynote addresses: “Attorney Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of the United States Constitution, is in the Presidium, accompanied by the President of the Republic of Cuba, Secretary General of the National Defense, Admiral Secretary of the Navy, and Chairman of the Board of Directors Committee of Delegates

“[También] He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Senators, the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Nation, the Chairman of the Government of Mexico City, the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Defense.

They cut and then continue: “Secretary General of National Security, Luis Crescenzio Santoval Gonzalez, Speaks … finishes. The President of the United Mexican States will present decorations to military and civilian personnel nationally and abroad for their effort and dedication … They then announced the military touch of Tress de Diana in memory of the decorated personnel.

The parade began on August 23 at Army Schools and on September 2 at Sedena’s Army Camp No. 1.

The Armed Forces are preparing for the parade from Army Camp No. 1. Photo: L Universal Archive.

Traditionally, at the parades on September 16, there was no speech other than the speech given by the commander of the column at the end of the show, given the number of personnel, vehicles and aircraft involved.

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On July 25, at the 21st meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Latin American and Caribbean (Selak) Community, Fort Sapultep, President Lopez Obrador highlighted the Republic of Cuba as a country that did not even submit to the United States.

“Washington has never stopped conducting open or covert operations against the free nations south of Rio Grande.” We may agree or disagree with the Cuban revolution and its government, but it has been opposed for 62 years without submission, which is an achievement, “he declared.

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