more space for videos and other blocking options

Twitter, one of the most successful social networks with the most users on the planet, continues to grow and improve its features. In recent days, it is testing two new features that will improve the user experience and which are related to the quality of images and videos and the blocking option.

Delete a follower without blocking them

The first novelty proposed by Twitter is the option to remove a follower without the need to block it. Currently, this function is in a trial period and is one of the social network’s bets to improve the experience of its millions of users.

Until now, if you wanted a follower not to consult your content, there was the option to block or make your profile private and only accept those followers that you wanted and, therefore, only they could consult and enjoy your content on Twitter.

Screenshot of how to remove followers you don’t want to follow


But now this has changed. Although blocking was a good option, as this way the selected followers stopped seeing your tweets and could not send you direct messages, with this new Twitter function you can delete them with a single click. Without a doubt, a smoother way to put ground between your profile and any other user of the social network that you do not want to follow you, and thus you will not appear on the home screen either.

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It is true that if the user you have deleted realizes that they no longer follow you because you wanted them to, they can do it again. But, precisely, this is the main function of this novelty: to decide who follows you and who does not. If, instead, you want to continue with the block, so that it cannot see your content on Twitter or send you direct messages, this classic option will continue to work.

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Full screen images and videos

At the same time, the second novelty that Twitter wants to introduce is a better visual experience and offer both the images and the videos of its users in full screen.

Comparison between how images looked before on IOS and how they look now

Comparison between how images looked before on IOS and how they look now


Until now, a small color space appeared on each side of the image that prevented the image or video in question from occupying the entire screen of the application. But now this will change. According to Twitter, the intention of this change is to give better visual content to the social network.

For now, this novelty will only affect those users that work with the IOS system and will be very similar to what Instagram currently offers on its chronology. However, it is expected that depending on the host and its results, this change will also apply to other operating systems.


However, these news that Twitter has introduced are not yet official and are only in a trial period. It will be based on the experience and the reception of the users when this social network will decide whether to apply them immediately, if it discards them or if it wants to introduce even more modifications to continue improving its benefits.

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