A lecture that stimulated interest in interdisciplinary science

Saúl Alcalá received the prestigious award for the best academic record in a biotechnology degree at the University of Oviedo, supported by Alimerka.

The 22-year-old student, born in Posada de Llanera, began taking an interest in the world of science at the age of 11, when his school held a remote conversation with Margarita Salas. Despite this, he did not choose a university career until the end: “I had many doubts about what I wanted to study, but when the time came I chose biotechnology because its interdisciplinary nature attracted me.” Alcala plans to further develop his knowledge in this science: “I have always loved research, so I am thinking of doing a PhD after finishing my master’s degree. I am particularly interested in research in the field of gene editing and virology, although I do not reject other possibilities.” “.” “He comments.

For the scientist, it is important not to set long-term goals: “I think it is better to set goals little by little and see how far you can go,” he explains.

The biotechnology scientist, who is now studying a master’s degree in the Spanish capital, does not rule out returning to the emirate: “I may return to Asturias or stay in Madrid, but that will depend on the opportunities that will become available. The research conditions are far from that.” I’m perfect in Spain, so I’m also thinking about traveling outside the country in the future.” This award is the result of a job well done: “The only thing I can say is that my motivation was never to try to excel, I simply strived to be the best version of myself and that’s what got me here.” .” He says.

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The student explained how he felt after receiving the award: “It is a pleasant surprise for me. I am proud, of course, but also nervous.”

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