A gold medal for Cuba at the Pan American Games in spectacular fashion

The finale of the event took place on Friday 3rd November and was simply spectacular. Zayas held the Pan-American crown four years earlier in his athletic career limeBut the predictions for this time were very conservative.

Height after height gradually began to rise, and the participants saw how the path to the platform became increasingly impassable.

Rod position at two meters and 24 centimeters “shaken up” Most jumpers leave only a trio of these.

Luis Castro, Luis Enrique Sayas and Donald Thomas, selected candidates. Puerto Rican Castro had everything to win as he had made no mistakes up until that second.

He was the first to abandon the struggle for the throne Donald ThomasCannot fly above 2.27 altitude. The heavy burden for the Bahamians was all the mistakes in previous attempts.

Pan American Games: An electrifying finale

Luis Enrique Sayas and Luis Castro His first two options failed. There was only one chance.

Puerto Rico’s representative failed. The situation is simple: if the Cuban jumps he is the champion, otherwise he will have to settle for the silver medal.

Speed ​​races, jumps and… height wins!

Ecstasy took over the moment. Suppressed tensions gave way to indescribable joy, and Antillean was still in shock. He is the King of the Pan American Games!

Luis Enrique Zayas He has set a personal best of 2.33 this year at the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest. But the 3rd of November was an unforgettable day in the life of the Antillean jumper.

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