A faculty member opened the space as a site of memory

On November 8, the courtyard of the House of Humanities of the Faculty of Philosophy, Humanities and Arts of the National University of San Juan was inaugurated.

In an event chaired by the Vice President of the University of San Francisco, Analia Ponce, the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Humanities, and the Arts, Miriam Arrabal, and the Vice Dean, Marcelo Vasquez, and in the presence of many people from the university community, especially from that faculty, this space was inaugurated, which will be used to meet and display various artistic and cultural moments.

During the development of the event, the audience was able to watch various artistic performances presented by musicians, choreographers and theater artists. Later, Dr. Juan Mariel created a chronology of the building’s fate up to today. Then the university and college authorities thought about the activity that brought them together and concluded with the discovery of a painting.

This courtyard is located in the building where the FFHA research institutes operate, located on Miter Street before Catamarca. Although this building has belonged to UNSJ for 30 years and is intended for philosophy research facilities, the courtyard there has had no established use.

“We are celebrating, specifically, in the context of the university’s 50th anniversary, with great pleasure in restoring the courtyard, as a space for meeting, studying and camaraderie. This is exactly what we want, for this to be a place where the artistic performances of our researchers can be presented and shared,” said FFHA Dean, Myriam Arrabal. And our creators, students and scholarship holders.”

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Source: UNSJ

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