Ana Martin, a pioneering actress who modeled the first bikini in Mexico and continued to believe in free love.

Ana Martin was an empowered woman from a young age. (Photo credit Carlos Tishler/IPX Group/via Getty Images should read Future Publishing) (Future publication via Getty Images)

With a 60-year career and participation in a hundred theater and television productions, Ana Martin is, without a doubt, one of the most recognized actresses in Mexico.

But most beloved among the youth, due to his active presence on social networks, he has more than 3.4 million followers on TikTok and 1.3 million on Instagram.

In her accounts, Ana shares photos and anecdotes from her youth, but also shares some thoughts that let her know her philosophy of life.

Recently, in an interview with various media outlets, the 77-year-old actress, who rose to international fame as the heroine of the soap opera ‘El Pegato de Oyuki’ (1988), shared her golden rules for being an independent and happy woman.

“First, study, feed, support yourself, believe in free love, not in abuse,” he said.

Ana Martin – daughter of the great actor and comedian Jesus Martinez ‘Balilo’ – was a pioneer in many ways in the world of entertainment.

“I designed the first bikini in Mexico,” she proudly recalls, but she was also Mexico’s first representative at Miss World, a pageant in which she was disqualified when it was discovered she was a minor because she was under 17. Old.

The main thing is not to be controlled by her partners: “I always believe in love, of course, I respect passion and free love for each other. The moment they want to say to someone, ‘ ” Don’t do this, my love, goodbye.”

When asked about her personal life, the actress refuses to say more: “I never mention names, I say ‘the whole country, some foreigners and no politicians’, that’s why I have this skin.”

A few years ago, on his Twitter account (he has more than 120,000 followers), Martin shared a message in which he talked a little more about this philosophy and recalled the time he broke up with a man who showered him with gifts. .

“My freedom will never be sold; I had a rich boy who gave me a lot of jewels, but we fought and I threw the jewels in a gutter in front of him so they wouldn’t buy me. Money,” she said.

Currently, Ana Martin is in her retirement years, enjoying the life, freedom and happiness she has achieved over the years.

“I’m easy-going, I don’t think about anything, I don’t have an agenda, I get the vibe that last year I watched two soap operas and one movie, and I’ve been like that my whole life. At the beginning of my career I watched eight movies a year, two soap operas, I Always worked very hard, God bless.”

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