Tell them how he ’embarrassed’ Milan and Sasha at their new school in Miami

TO Beginning of May Gerard Pique traveled to Miami, United States, to meet their children for the first time since they moved to the North American city with their mother and began their new lives after their separation. Although the photos of the ex-footballer are seen Eating with their children Milan and Sasha Ana María Alvarado, now host of the show ‘Sale El Sol’ confirmed it as they shared their time. Gerard Pique was unwell after visiting the school board as a “footballer of international stature” and showed something “special” as they asked for autographs and photos., sources say, will show a fraction of the achievements the former footballer achieved during his time as a Barcelona player. The school administration also participated in this ShakiraUnlike Gerard Piqué who Presented in a simple way She claimed her nationality and that she was the mother of Milan and Sasha.

Ana Maria Alvarado confirmed both Milan and Sasha have adapted well to their new school Apparently they already have friends in this, as they looked very energetic as they attended. Shakira and Gerard Pique’s children have always been very social and talkative.

Milan, author of the final version for piano on an ‘acrostic’ theme

Shakira is back in the news musically, as she has released a new song: “Acrostic”, which is dedicated to her children Milan and Sasha, but also contains some references to her former partner and children’s father, Gerard Pique. Milan’s name appears with the first letters of certain phrases, accompanied by an animated video of a mother bird protecting her chicks, just as Shakira did with her children in this painful process. He mentions Sasha and Bigway that “only one plate is broken, not all the dishes” or “you have to laugh at life even if your wounds hurt,” which he did months later. Suffering But it’s through social networks, where many users have claimed that producer Lexus confirmed via Instagram live that it was Milan who played the instrument for his mother’s final version.

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