News to Palma and Rueda transfer with Honduras


Competition between exam Honduras and Mexico The temperature is increasing day by day. This day Andy NazarPlayer DC UnitedHe was one of the first to arrive at the concentration hotel where the entire group was staying. Two colors.

Analyzed the match against the H side MexicoIn addition to being a difficult test for all, it also represents a change since the visit to Honduras Renaldo Ruda.

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On the other hand, the 30-year-old player spoke about the moment he was enjoying Luis Palma It contains Celtic He also assured that he is living a dream Olympia.

Words by Andy Nazar

Qualify for Copa America.

It would be great to qualify for the Copa America, the last one was in 2001, and there are two very nice games coming up and hopefully we will be in the Copa America.

Have you seen the changes with Reinaldo Rueda?

Yes, since the arrival of Professor Rueda, we have seen a change in mentality and it has been reflected in the past games, we cannot discriminate against emerging teams like Cuba, they are good teams, we must win no matter what. . One has to beat teams like that to gain confidence.

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What does it mean to face Mexico?

Those are the games that everyone is looking forward to and this is where we can show that we can beat any team and we have to win them. Mexico is tough, but we have to do our best.

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Message to Luis Palma

Palma breaks it, I hope he continues like this, he’s going to join a great team, a great league, and score more goals in the Champions League, he’s got to come here and score here, we believe in those goals. From Louis.

What makes Rueda?

The belief has changed, a lot has changed with the arrival of the teacher, we know about his career, he has been running great teams and the player is motivated. Try to give your best.

Training and a future with Olympia

I felt so good, so happy, so happy. From the first moment I had that drive and dream in me to always wear the shirt, I wanted to play in Olympia, and then we’ll see what happens.

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