A beloved founding member of the Hoy Project bids farewell after 25 years

program Today 25 years on air, they were surprised this morning as they celebrated in style for reaching the audience’s screens this time. Farewell dear collaborator. He joins the list of hosts who have passed through the ranks of this successful Televisa morning show.

This is one Founding members of the morning newspaper, Sofia Villaloboswho returned to the show in 2018, after Magda Rodriguez took over production of the project. He said ‘Goodbye’ this Thursday morning.

The host of the ‘What’s Everyone’s Talking’ segment mentioned it Time to complete your cycle in the morning Because he needs to give more time to his family.

I am leaving for personal reasons as I need more time with my family.. Continuing my nightly news. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide for yourself because you think you’re wasting an opportunity because it’s work, but it’s worth deciding and taking advantage of life,” explained Raul Ariza after mentioning Sofia’s final departure with great sadness. .

Of course Tears could not be avoided during the emotional farewell and Sofia Villalobos, who broke down in tears as drivers hugged her.

Sofia Villalobos Says Goodbye to the Hoy Project / YouTube: Hoy

Amidst the sobs, Sofia thanked Magda Rodríguez and Andrea Rodríguez for the opportunity.The current producer for the opportunity to return to Televisa after years of absence and being a staple of the show.

Finally, the drivers told her that the doors were open for her to return whenever she wanted, and that she wasn’t ruling out the opportunity to do some. Special participation In future.

Sophia was part of the first phase of the Hoi project 25 years ago / YouTube

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