40-year-old woman charged with PUA fraud

Magali Cruz Montalvo. – Provided

Maggie Cruz is said to have requested data assistance from another person without Montalvo authorization

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021, at 08:03

Magali Cruz Montalvo. – Provided

Yesterday, Tuesday, authorities said they had filed criminal charges against them Magali Cruz Montalvo, 40, and a resident of Mayagis.

Uniformly, by September 2020, the defendant had used a citizen’s personal data without any authorization. Puerto Rico Government Labor Department, “PUA”, Without authorization, paid by check by the Department of Labor , $ 11,454.00S, she received with information she did not own.

Judge Louis O. The case was presented in the presence of Mr. Welles, who, after examining the evidence presented by him, found a possible reason for the serious violation of Sections 209, 202B, and “Illegal Acquisition of Identity and Fraud” of the Penal Code. , Issuance of a bond of 000 6 thousand dollars, issued by a private guarantor.

The preview is scheduled for July 16, 2021.

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