Italian pilot avoids Taliban fire and evacuates dozens of Afghans

Anna Maria Tripuna, Italian pilot, avoids scenes of the Taliban using security maneuvers

Annamaria Tripuna, Pilot Italian Air Force, Was compelled to do A security maneuver when departing from Kabul airport with more than 100 passengers, Mostly refugees from Afghanistan. Flight at the same time Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules That phyllodeba Grandstand The Taliban flew off the ground near the airport They started firing their machine guns In an attempt to disperse the crowd gathered near the entrance.

Although the shots are not specifically directed towards the aircraft, The pilot had to maneuver to prevent the missiles from hitting the aircraft and causing flying capability or endangering the lives of the passengers..

From journalist Republic Giuliano Focini, One of the passengers on board, described what the queue was like: “The young officer raised the alarm and immediately proceeded to the escape maneuver by firing small anti-aircraft missiles or small rockets with high magnesium content used to confuse the target and direction. They were moments of agony because all of us inside the C-130 were shocked by the plane’s escape maneuver and quickly recovered from the loss and altitude. Air Force pilot, I owe my life to myself and my fellow passengers”.

The plane was able to fly over dangerous terrain without being hit by any bombs We were able to land at the Kuwait airport hours later As planned.

After the event, The Italian Air Force Issued a statement in this regard: “The flight crew leader, through operating procedures, observed guns coming from the ground and, upwards, visible as tracers, immediately implemented an avoidance maneuver to protect the aircraft and passengers and prevent them from boarding. The vulnerabilities continued to be traced back to the original path”.

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Anna Maria A 17 years of military life, Is a fighter pilot and already has More than 2000 flight hours. For almost two decades Starred in other major events Demonstrates their abilities in command of warplanes. For example, In 2019 she became the first woman to land a plane in the snow During a trip to Antarctica. This was done in the framework of providing an Italian science base located on the frozen continent.

After landing in Antarctica in 2019, she became the first Italian woman to perform this maneuver
After landing in Antarctica in 2019, she became the first Italian woman to perform this maneuver

Too much Participated in missions in Africa According to the ABC newspaper, he is particularly pleased to be able to help children and the underprivileged. “Sometimes we land at the farthest airport in Africa, excited to see the children smiling, happy that we gave them a bottle of water; They are very special emotions“, Says the Spanish newspaper.

On the other hand, that too will stop Less happy situations That he should be tested. It is customary to go through it United Arab Emirates And your communication Women who live a completely different reality To you: “There is a lot of admiration and interest because they prove that we enjoy liberation to an extent that some countries do not. Because of the role we play, we can be a role model”.

In the last month, since the fall Acceptance In the hands of the Taliban, dozens took part in evacuation flights 5,000 Afghans were deported, According to various international media.


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