Young men from Espacio Joven entertained the elderly

Rio Grande.- As part of the May Revolution anniversary celebrations, young people attending municipal youth spaces joined older men and women in the city to celebrate the nation together. The club, which bears the name “Between Youth and the Elderly,” is being held for the second year in a row, and aims to create a space for activities that strengthen ties between different generations, and appreciate our traditions and identity.

The young people who attended the workshops offered in the municipality’s youth spaces were received, with great support, by the elderly who participate in the activities of the General Directorate for Elderly Care.

The concert was held at Espacio Joven located in the AGP neighborhood, where boys and girls from the guitar, violin and singing workshops enjoyed musical performances; Those in the kitchen got to work and entertained the seniors with exemplary meals. The youth of the Folk Heritage Workshop exchanged pictures of dancing with the guests.

In this context, the elderly who attended the folklore workshop organized by the General Directorate of Elderly Care performed various traditional dances, accompanied by the youth of the place.

The Municipal Citizens' Administration Secretary, Gonzalo Ferro, celebrated that this activity could now be shared for the second year in a row, and expressed, “It is a real pleasure for me to have this time of year happen, as well as to happen on a very important day.” The history of our country has already become a tradition that unites the generations of Rio Grande do Sul.

“This entertainment for the city's seniors organized by young people is a sample of the city model that we envision with Mayor Martin Pérez, a Rio Grande that integrates everything from childhood and youth to adults and seniors,” Ferro continued. These are moments that “not only strengthen bonds and strengthen our identity, but also build community.”

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“It is important that these spaces continue to be created, strengthening the integration of generations in our city and reaffirming our commitment to accompany every stage of the life of the people of Rio Grande do Sul,” he concluded.

The activity was accompanied by the Minister of Citizen Administration, Gonzalo Ferro; In cooperation with the Minister of Gender and Community Development, Ivana Yabars; Counselor Jonathan Bugado; General Manager of Community Enhancement, Deborah Gallicini; and General Director of Aged Care, Analia Caruso.

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