“Top Chef VIP 3” contestant leaves the competition during its premiere week

Mexican actor Mark Thatcher “Top Chef VIP 3” aired by the television network last Friday from the competition Telemundo And the big question asked by her fans is what made her quit the cooking competition.

In a recent video uploaded by the artist, many asked him why he left the show this week after the end of “The House of the Famous 4”, which had the most successful season in its history.

Given the sudden nature of the news, followers of the actor known for his roles in novels such as 'La Hija del Mariachi' urged him: “Hello, why did you leave 'Top Chef VIP'?”, “Why did you leave the competition?”, “Why did you leave the competition, we want to know what happened?”, “What happened to you in Top VIP? Chef? account”.

The news of Mark Thatcher's departure from “Top Chef VIP 3″ was accompanied by few details, which is why there has been a wave of speculation about what might have happened.

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