From the pool, Talia from Acapulco Shores caught all eyes in her perfect summer swimsuit.

beauty Thalia Eisett He is one of the current celebrities who rose to fame through a reality show.Acapulco Beach”. Starring in some major controversies on the show and being the owner of a certain beauty and personality allowed her to gain a place on digital platforms and in the hearts of her fans.

Dalia does the Iset pose. Source: Instagram @talia_acashoremtv

With over 2.4 million followers on Instagram, the former Acapulco Shore has made a name for himself as an influencer, although his career has mainly focused on his career as an electronic music singer and DJ. Thalia Ezet He is 30 years old and with his single “Flow Fly” he planted a seed on his YouTube account that is slowly sprouting among subscribers.

Dalia Iset’s post on Instagram

The beautiful influencer is back to impress everyone with her publications on social networks. In this case, Thalia Eisett She shared photos of herself posing by the pool and wearing a summery swimsuit. With black color and red geometric prints, the two-piece outfit set a trend.

Dalia does the Iset pose. Source: Instagram @talia_acashoremtv

“Heart of Melon”, wrote the former Acapulco Beach Along with one of the shared images, “Bella”, “How amazing Thalia”, “The beauty of a girl”, “How beautiful”, “How beautiful”, “The most beautiful girl”, “Perfect Thalia” and “He loves me”, among others.

Dalia does the Iset pose. Source: Instagram @talia_acashoremtv

The position of Thalia Eisett in your account instagram This allowed her to prove once again why she is considered one of the most beautiful women in entertainment and one of the most idolized bodies. Every time she wears a swimsuit or any other outfit, she sets a trend and inspires women who always want to look beautiful.

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Talia from Acapulco Shores has a cute swimsuit perfect for the warm season

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