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Along with the celebration of 25th anniversary of the Discover MuseumFrom November 13 to 19, a series of cultural activities, concerts, conferences, scientific dissemination talks, workshops and courses are prepared to close the year.

This was revealed by Ivette González, director of this interactive science center, who added that the launch of satellites by high school students.

The satellites this time, “They will not have the quality of competition, it will be a course because it is our first issue of the Museum, since what we want to do is obtain experience rather than awaken the spirit to compete, and we are already inviting students of the upper secondary level to take part”.

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He added that the announcement It is being defined with the idea of ​​starting the course on satellites on October 20 and launching it on November 14

On the other hand, he indicated that by the time the date of the Anniversary:

We will announce when the new exhibition rooms are inaugurated that will be quite a show since their importance or significance is that they are spaces dedicated to technology

… where topics related to robotic, electronics, history of the different technologies that have emerged over time ”. This new space, he clarified, “It is being carried out with the collaboration of Nissan”.

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He pointed out that instead of affecting, pandemic has allowed renew the spaces,

Many people have come these days, perhaps because now we feel more relaxed or restricted and that has allowed the visit of a good number of people who have been very interested in the bug show

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… temporary space that we will close on the last of December and that is the display of more than a thousand different species of insects”.

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Projects for next year, “They are still not well defined, since we have been working rather on planning the total reopening of the museum and the anniversary celebrations”.

The museum “It has been open since March, but the capacity has been reduced since the risk of infection by COVID-19 it is still in force, anyway all our activities are open 100%, which is the room IMAX the planetary, the Earth House and the green areas have been open as a source of distraction for children ”.

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