“You have to be humble”: Diego Lines after losing to Japan

Saitama, Japan /

However Mexican team Unable to get his pass to the quarterfinals in Tokyo 2020 Olympics Then Fall to 2-1 for Japan, Diego Lines He demonstrated that they are relying on themselves to advance to the next round and confirmed that the Aztec team is committed to its purpose.

“We are strong in successes and failures and we have nothing to do with the first victory You have to be humbleToday we have to lose, but we have a very important game, the most important thing is that we are dependent on ourselves, ”said the 21-year-old.

Wool D.He admitted that the reaction of the national team came too late and that they gave a lot of benefits to the opponent in the first minutes of the match. Saitama Stadium.

“In the end we responded 15 minutes late and at this level it hurts a lot in the performance of the game, but I think the team had control of the whole game. We have to work hard to get to the quarterfinals”, He commented.

“It was missing. In the first 15 minutes we gave the opponent options and it became clear that it hurts you because they scored two goals,” he added.

Failure came at a good time

For its part, Sebastian Cordova Recognized as players திரி They entered the fight against “a little loose” Japan, Although he insists that the Olympics failed at a good moment.

“Those were the two goals they scored for us, now and then we have full control of the game. There are still things to improve. It’s so good what happened to us now“, Commented Cordova. “We had to be good on the last touch, we played a good game, but we were focused,” he said.

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