Puebla vs FC Juarez (2-2). Goal and half time

Mexico City /

Victory continues to be denied to Puebla On top of that MX LeagueAgain they reached the scoreboard and Now it was the Braves who stole the points A two-goal equalizer at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium and 6 games already tied And nine without successWell they don’t From match 2 When they hit Saints.

La Franja was treated to a very quiet party Because Braavos, despite the various reinforcements they’ve added, aren’t quite the dangerous team they were expected to be.

They rarely went Two minutes into the game and La Franja was already up Thanks to the scoreboard a Goal by Maximiliano AraujoHe stepped in to the left to save the ball in Talavera’s goal.

Bravos knows how to bounce back from that emotional blow In a set piece game that caused quite a headache for Puebla de Largamon, Carlos Fierro took advantage Benefits behind Anthony Silva should be fired.

Targets reappeared in the filler area when Gasolinero Barragán appeared in the second post In a set piece play Kill TalaBut the team from Puebla didn’t know how to maintain the advantage and Cago Garcia leveled the cards in the 69′.

Fringe tried to do more damage and didn’t succeedBut Thalivera put on a hero suit And on more than one occasion, he picked up the ball to leave the tie at two goals when he already had a goal label.

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