Elections 2021. On Tres de Febrero Insurgencia reopened, a space available to the struggles and the Left Front campaign

Campaign engines are turned on and from the Frente de Izquierda Unity it is launched from below, opening its cultural space found in the center of landlords.

While the campaigns of the bosses’ parties are benches by businessmen or the State itself, that of the FIT-U, led by Del Caño as a national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires, is banked by workers, young people and women who with conviction believe that it is needed. the voice of the poor and working people in the chambers and in the district in the deliberative council.

The front of all assumed saying that it was going to fight the crisis in which the Macri government left us, far from that today the conditions in which the working people find themselves are even worse. It is necessary to fight for an alternative that turns the tables, where the priority is the needs of workers, women and youth and not that of a handful of businessmen.

Let’s go with the left front unit!
Let’s go with Del Caño in the province of Buenos Aires and Pilarche in Tres de Febrero!

Join us!

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