You don’t need to pay, so you can free up space in your Google account

In a similar way Microsoft And many other technology-related companies offer us their suggestions in this regard. Generally, they usually offer us a free entry mode to store our data on remote servers. Likewise, if we need more space, this is a very common thing in Business sectorWe’ll have to pay. Next, we will focus on the alternative that the search giant offers us, Google Drive.

It is noteworthy that by default and only by creating a personal Google account we will get it 15 gigs of remote storage. However, we must bear in mind that the data corresponding to the different signing platforms is stored here by default. This means that on certain occasions and practically without realizing it, we can run out of space here. That is why we are going to talk about a series of actions that you can take in order to free up space in this Google account.

To find out how much space you have on google accountAll you have to do is access this The company’s official website And enter your credentials. In addition to everything we have stored on these remote servers, we will also see the total and the available space in our account.

Free up space on your Google account

As it happens in the rest of the storage platforms in CloudAt Google we can upload all kinds of profiles. Here we create the corresponding folders and subfolders for adding content. This means that the first way to free up space that we can make use of is Get rid of all those files which we think is no longer necessary.

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At this point, we have to keep in mind that videos or photos are usually the most sized files, so we can focus on them. Moreover, it is important to know that Backups Usually the automation we store here runs a file Huge space.

However, here we must also take into account, as we said before, that other services of the same Google store our content in this account space. In case you didn’t know, all emails and their corresponding content are stored here. and that is gmailThe gmail manageran important part of our company account.

If we’ve been using this service for many years, all of our emails would probably occupy several gigabytes. Therefore, we can get rid of the oldest messages in our Gmail account, as they have probably become unusable. It must be said that from the mail manager search box we can select message size In order to eliminate those who occupy the most space directly.

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We can also free up a lot of space in our account here through the Google Photos platform. You have to know that a file Enhanced photos Saved here doesn’t take up your Drive account space. But if we store the original photos we took, we will. Therefore, the best we can do in this case is to save the improved version, which takes up much less space, and get rid of the original to free up space in our account.

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