Angelina Jolie Sues Brad Pitt For $250 Million

Los Angeles – Actress Angelina Jolie She is suing her ex-husband Brad PittHe is seeking $250 million in damages for alleged damages related to the wine-making businesses they both shared in France, CNN reported.

The actress’ case comes after Pitt, who she divorced six years ago, sued her for willfully damaging the reputation of her wine company in France and selling her shares in it to a “foreigner”.

The couple bought the Chateau Miraval vineyard, along with an associated mansion, in Provence (southeast France) for €45 million in 2008, where they married and enjoyed many family vacations with their six children years later.

In a countersuit filed by the actress this week and seen by CNN, Jolie accuses ex-husband Brad Pitt of “waging a vendetta against her” and “usurping” control of the once-lucrative warehouse business. They shared.

Jolie, who filed for divorce from Pitt in September 2016 after a heated argument on a private plane that was investigated by the FBI, is seeking $250 million in damages from her ex-husband, according to the network.

The suit, filed on behalf of Jolie’s former company Nouvel LLC, alleges that Pitt “and his associates” engaged in “unlawful and malicious conduct” by “depleting” and expropriating the actress and her company’s investments “by diminishing the value of their assets.” He played his rightful role in the management of world-renowned rosé wine producer Chateau Miraval.

It says Pitt “conducted a multi-pronged campaign over several years to seize control of Chateau Miraval and to appropriate the company’s assets for the benefit of himself and his own companies and friends”.

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Faced with this, the actor’s group, which is in charge of the legal case to sell the property, alleges that Jolie willfully damaged her share in the company by selling it without her ex-husband’s consent.

Pittin argues that not only did Jolie contribute “nothing” to the success of the Miraval project, which the actor was interested in, but she completed the sale “in secret” and knowingly violated the terms she had agreed to with her ex. -Husbands, accordingly, cannot sell their interests in the business without the consent of the other.

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