Yes, Courtney Cox recreated his ‘F-King’ turkey head dance

This is followed by GIF: Monica Keller dancing head to head with a turkey from the instant-classic November 19, 1998 “Friends” episode.

Two decades later, Courtney Cox Took to Instagram to wax poetry about Thanksgiving – and recreate the infamous turkey dance.

“Thanks to everyone. Hope you have a great day. I feel very grateful. ” 56-year-old Cox says in an intimate matter Instagram post, before flipping the switch. “Also, if I get a G-Tom GIF of that turkey in my head, I’m going to dance nonsense, I’m going to run away!”

After a quick snippet of the iconic scene, Cox adds: “Anyway, I’m going to go here because it’s a symbol of gratitude, and I hope it makes you happy.” The actress then cuts herself off by covering her face in what appears to be a real turkey.

The “Scream” star is one of the most consistent “viral” stars on social media, Raising eyebrows most recently ‘With his most suspicious “microplating” selfie in the grammar.

Cox and his co-stars – Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Swimmer and Matt Leplong – Reunite March 2021 Finally film the reunion of the infected-late “friends” for HBO Max.

Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, 'One with Flashbacks of Thanksgiving (one with all thanks)',
Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox “Thanksgiving Flashbacks One (All Thanksgiving).”Warner Bros. Everett Collection

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