13 Best Black Silver Deals on Google Devices (2020): Pixel, Nest, Stadia

If you want a solid phone, do not worry about 5G network compatibility (yet) the Pixel 4A is a good deal, and does not require the high-end specifications of the Pixel 5. In short, it’s really you phone Required, That’s why WIRED’s smartphone reviewer Julian Chocktu liked his 9/10 Review. As with the Pixel 5 deal, you must activate the phone at the time of purchase on Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, and Sprint will offer a total of $ 150 discount if you open a new line.

Stadia Premier Edition – Game Streaming – for 70 (off 30 discount)


WIRED’s was Jess Gray Sluggish about Stadia When it was launched last year. But despite its shortcomings, he still recommends that it be a cheaper route to console gaming than buying a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Fast games suffer from setbacks, but the game of slow speed titles was pretty good and good.

Smart speaker deals

Nest Hub Max

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Google-enabled smart speakers and displays act as hubs to provide a way for smart devices to interact with each other. Whether you choose a command center with a screen or a speaker, they all run very smoothly as there is a hub (or several) to connect the rest of your devices together.

Nest Mini for $ 19 (off 30 discount)

The goal, Walmart

You do not need a screen in every room, but the Nest Minus nest system (they all fit together) add a way to hear and respond when you are away from your main center. As Scott Gilberston of WIRED Mentioned in his review, Do not expect star sound quality to play music. This is a speaker designed to communicate with you, not an alternative to Sonos.

Lenovo Smart Watch for $ 35 (off 45 discount)

Buy the best, P & H, Newk

It is too small to watch a very small smart display-video. But it’s good to show photos, weather and time, which is why we made our list The Best Google Aid Tools. Read our full review to learn more about this (7/10, WIRED recommends).

JBL Connect Portable Google Speaker for $ 90 (off 90 discount)

Home Depot, P & H, JBL Store

Connect Portable is the best Google Assistant-enabled speaker that you can use from room to room, dock or leave the house as a Bluetooth speaker. It takes about 8 hours of battery on a single charge and can take commands any Google speaker, however the microphone line is not accurate enough to listen to many standard speakers, so you do not have to speak to ever miss a command.

Nest Hub $ 50 (off 40 discount)

The goal, Walmart, Buy the best

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