This 98-inch Samsung TV has a $ 50,000 discount on black silver and yes it is not a period of comma

On the edge That I greatly appreciate it If you buy A specific Samsung TV Today. We earn some of our income, especially Black Friday which helps pay some bills! Today only, this particular TV There is Fifty thousand dollars discount. That should make it easier for you, right?

Do you think this is a spell? Some price error, a scam where you have to pay the full amount after saying everything? No! The 98-inch Q900 usually costs , 000 100,000, and Samsung makes it a hit by offering half of it to everyone (especially us!).

Wait, you tell me Do not Is there $ 50,000 on the new TV? How are you going to buy a 98 inch 8K TV with that kind of thinking? You certainly can’t: $ 50,000 at a bargain price has finally been slashed Sony’s competition is a 98-inch 8K TV, Its price, 000 60,000. If you want to cover your wall more in beautiful pixels than your neighbor, you have to go above and beyond!

Well, well, I get it, you like it more than your speed. We are not all made of money! Have to do 88 inches, yes. Your LG OLED screen, 8K resolution, Just $ 29,996.99. Did I mention that you can clip 500 1,500 coupons and deliver on renewal? In our experience, people definitely do when they buy $ 30,000 TV sets.

What a savings!

Now, in all seriousness: Here are the best black silver deals we actually found on TVs.

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