Yalitza Aparicio shocks the networks after posting a pregnant photo that she hid!

Within the cast group MexicoOne of the most popular women today is an actress Yalitza AparicioNow an activist with recognition, money and success, but this is not all, as she has established herself as a defender of human and women’s rights.

After the release of the film “Rome” The famous woman achieved enormous recognition, perhaps one of the most significant in recent years for any artist born in the land of the Aztecs, and it earned her many followers. Even an Oscar nomination for Cronin’s film was undoubtedly the spearhead his career needed, almost suddenly creating an international impact.

In this context, it is easy to understand how every publication she publishes has a greater impact, because now the famous woman has a large number of followers on social networks, because she has established herself as a whole. Influencers.

Yalitsa later caused a stir The recently released A Photography How quickly it trended, in which the actress, who appeared in various Mexican short films, appeared with a pregnant belly like never before, has sparked mixed reactions among her fans.

However, after reviewing your environment publicationIt can be seen that the artist has made a publication referring to his work, which is part of a production called “Mujeres Assassinas”, and as usual, the artist from Oaxaca continues to reveal the process of his work. His companions during the shoot.

Famous people used this stomach Pregnancy As part of a project he is filming, he expressed his delight at working in the company of top landscape artists on set.

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This photo became immediately relevant due to the prominence of his abdomen, which, however, had not been seen until recently. Appreciate it Although more than one netizen has questioned it and hopes to get an answer soon, she wants to be a mother.


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