Less magic and more science, lady inspector

Medical Examination. Zamora Hospital. Normal working morning for this inspector. In ten minutes Sign: Discharge due to treatment / improvement that allows regular work to be done. Only she knows how to do this magic. without shaking the pulse. without listening to the patient. Without looking at him without asking how he is. But he told her. He tries to explain that he came out almost a year ago and that after 363 days and 363 nights on pregabalin, tramadol, enantium, and diclofenac, he’s gotten worse. But the inspector keeps looking at her computer. courage. it is Monday. Another morning from work. 363 days have passed and the patient who had just been discharged from the hospital by this inspector has not received a single direct action to alleviate his condition.

By now, after nearly a year waiting for tests, trying to rush them through the private health care fund, and claiming times in patient care, everyone’s health care doctors agreed he should go into pain to see if it helps sneaking in. to soothe your pain. Pain module arrival date: June 2023.

The inspecting doctor has all the data on her computer. But don’t get hung up. He understands, through magic, that the patient can operate. And he does not wait, he is discharged on the same day: 12/19/22. It seems to do it mechanically, but don’t be fooled. Everything is well thought out.

In Zamora, and certainly in many other provinces of Spain, registration takes place before the 365th day so that we can only file a claim before judicial proceedings for this type of indecency. Of course, the claim will also be resolved by the INSS, possibly even with the same team that laid me off for treatment/improvement. It seems like magic as everything is solved without taking into account the reports of the medical professionals or the patient’s clinic.

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Really, is this the system of protection that Social Security offers us today? Because, gentlemen, if the medical inspector had left us on the 365th day, two days later, we could go to the health department at Meeting of Castile and Leon To review our medical condition. Yes gentlemen. As long as the regional health service is resolved, we will not have to go about our work in pain, with hardly any mobility, and without anyone offering us a medical solution. But the inspector knows this and called us on the 363rd day of sick leave. Of course, even if we resort to legal measures, we have to go to work. We are at the peak of helplessness. Although we can’t even tie our shoelaces without pain, we can’t walk without pain, and we can’t even lie down without pain. It’s day 363. I’m laying you off. And magic: to work.

Inspector, how many discharges for treatment/improvement do you record per month? Where is the right guaranteed by Article 41 of the Spanish Constitution for all of us?

Less magic and more science please, Lady Inspector.

Yolanda Clemente Santiago

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