Flag will tour the prisons of Castilla-La Mancha

As many as 36 University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) researchers, more than double last year’s number, will tour Castilla-La Mancha’s prisons. They will participate in the second edition of “Disclosure in Prison: An Open Window to Science,” an initiative that will bring scientific publishing to the prisons of Catilla-La Mancha. The activity, which started in Cuenca prison and will continue until December, will also see an increase in the number of workshops and presentations this year.

As many as 36 researchers from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, more than double last year's number, will be speaking about science in prisons.

“Disclosure in Prison: An Open Window on Science” begins

The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) is once again celebrating the program ‘Disclosure in Prison: An Open Window on Science’an initiative directed by Professor of Criminal Law Cristina Rodríguez Yagüe, Director of the Prison Chapter of the Academic Institution, who will visit prison centers in the region in order to bring the investigations of the regional university closer to people deprived of their liberty and thus create a link of communication with the outside that contributes to finding a way to access culture .

Pharmacy located in Cuenca

The program started last Wednesday, May 17, in the Cuenca prison with a workshop entitled “The Science That Surrounds Us”, given by professors of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Albacete Campus Joaquín García Martínez and Immaculada Posadas Mayo, and will continue until next December.

Seven centers

Through various workshops, presentations and scheduled outings with inmates, the program will carry research conducted by university teachers to prisons in the region: Albacete, Alcazar de San Juan, Cuenca, Herrera de la Mancha, Ocaña I, Ocaña II and the Center for Social Inclusion in Ciudad Real Concepción Arenal.

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After the successful reception of the first edition of the Scientific Publishing Program in the prison, which was developed during the month of June 2022 with the participation of 14 researchers from the University of Castilla-La Mancha and the holding of 12 scheduled workshops and outings, this year the number of teachers who will participate has increased, 36, as well as the number of workshops and presentations, 30.

Workshops and presentations

In its second edition, the program will include workshops and presentations from various branches of knowledge (social, legal, humanities, engineering, science, and biohealth sciences) by UCLA researchers Jorge Abelán Hernandez, Luis María Alegre Duran, Esther Almarch Núñez Herrador, and Celia Álvarez Bueno , Enmaculada Ballesteros Yanez, Javier Benito Blanco, Javier Frontinan Rubio; Eva Galán Moya, Luis Miguel Garcia Lopez, Joaquín García Martinez, Rafael Gosalvez Rey, Andrea Hernandez Martinez, Tania Maria Mundejar Palomares, Alberto Najera Lopez, Teresa Navarro Amador, Marco Antonio de la Cominez, Juan Bastram Argüelles, Inmaculada Posadas Mayo, Celestino Carlos Picazo Córdoba, Ana Maria Rodríguez Cervantes, María Rodriguez Pérez, Isabel Rodrigo Villena, Luis Antonio Rosselló Zamora, María José Ruiz García, Mayrena Sanchez Río Sencenches Chez, Susana Seseña Prieto and Luis Miguel Fioc Galliana.


In addition, seven scheduled outings are planned this year with inmates from various prisons in the area: to the UCLM farm from Albacete Prison, with the university’s president, Julián Garde; to the Villa Romana de Noheda from Cuenca Prison, with Miguel Ángel Valero Tevar; to the volcanoes of Calatrava, from Herrera de la Mancha, with Rafael Becerra; to Lagunas de Villafranca from the prison of Ocaña I, with Angel Velasco; to the Almadén Mining Park from the “Concepción Arenal” Social Integration Center in Ciudad Real, with Luis Mancilla; To Lagunas de Ruidera from Alcázar de San Juan prison with Professor Máximo Florín, who will also make the scheduled departure from Ocaña II to Saladar de Ocaña.

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Disclosure in Prison: An Open Window to Science is promoted by the UCLM Prison Chapter and has the support of the Prison Institutions Secretariat and in collaboration with the UCLM Science Culture and Innovation Unit, Vice President for Science Policy and the UCLM General Foundation and the Affiliated Institute of European and International Criminal Law to the regional university.


Precisely this year, on February 8, the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions and the University of Castilla-La Mancha signed an agreement for the development of the prison classroom with the aim of cooperation between the two institutions to intervene, mainly, in the prison centers located in Castilla-La Mancha and the neighboring autonomous communities with activities that promote Connection between UCLM students, professionals, and the prison environment.

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