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The Aeronautics and Space Students Association (AEAE), in an Extraordinary General Assembly that took place on June 26, decided to hold the next Congress of the Association, the twenty-fourth in its history and the first in person since the beginning of the pandemic, in Madrid.

In the Assembly, a single candidacy was presented for the headquarters of the XXIV Congress: a joint application between the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), and the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M), both with representation of its students in the Association since its inception.

During the last month, the Executive Commission of the AEAE has held various meetings with representatives of the students from both universities to initiate the organization of the Congress, which will be held in the month of October. During the coming months, more meetings will be held in which the lines in which this will take place will be defined.

Both the Executive Commission of the AEAE and the representatives of both universities have agreed to carry out an anti-Covid protocol own to ensure protection against the virus of all participants in it, in addition to ensuring compliance with current health regulations, they assure.

Likewise, it was agreed to hold training days in each of the universities that make up the AEAE at the beginning of September. In them, the tasks carried out by the association and its internal functioning will be made known to students in the sector, with special attention to new students.

Through these initiatives and projects, the Executive Commission of the AEAE hopes to regain a certain normality after the period of exceptionality that the pandemic has meant; A period that, according to its members, has not prevented the association from continuing with its fundamental function, such as the representation of students from the aeronautical and space sector.

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