Espacio Municipalista proposes “structural measures” to mitigate the consequences of climate change

Zézar Corella, Municipal Space Adviser.

And theThe Spacio Municipalista (EMT) will propose in plenary on Friday that Teruel City Council adopt “structural measures to mitigate the consequences of heat waves” caused by climate change.

To this end, they suggest incorporating “solutions aimed at adapting and mitigating” the increasingly frequent heat waves into projects and urban planning.

The composition notes that “as a result of climate change, heat waves become more frequent during the summer” and that “records of extreme temperatures follow each other year after year, and in a very special way these heat waves affect urban areas”.

Rising temperatures alter the quality of life and health of people, which is why Espacio Municipalista believes that “it is necessary to seek measures to combat these events in cities, with solutions adapting their features to these new climatic conditions” through engineering, urban planning and – building construction ” To ensure the health of cities and secure decent living conditions for its citizens.

Municipal training more specifically raises some issues such as “avoiding direct solar radiation by incorporating elements in the urban fabric that ensure shading, especially by planting trees, reducing surfaces exposed to the sun and choosing other materials, more visible and ensuring permeability”, as well as insisting on the need to enhance “ river corridors, more green space and better landscaping” that surrounds Teruel and its rural neighbourhoods.

Similarly, Espacio Municipalista is committed to “creating so-called cold spots” in public spaces so that the most vulnerable residents can shelter from the heat wave and high temperatures, as well as to include in urban planning ordinances the “improvement” of building insulation and the incorporation of shelves that prevent direct radiation into buildings As well as “pedestrianization of city streets and areas to avoid residual heat” emitted by cars.

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